General Information

Genre: 3rd Person Adventure

Platform: Desktop

Tool: Unity 3d

Project Length: 2 Months

Role: Designer / Programmer

Team Size: 5

Downloadables: Windows Build

MAC Build

Game Features

  • Select Male or Female avatar
  • Melee and ranged combat
  • Multiple levels
  • Boss fight
  • An adorable mascot :3


  • 2012 – TC 455 Best Adaptation of Theme “Discovery”
  • Runner up – Best Aesthetics

This was another of my TC455 group projects. You find yourself washed up on the beach of an island that’s completely surrounded by mist. Attached to your arm is a gauntlet that reacts to certain crystals and becomes a weapon to ward off enemies as you try to discover the mystery surrounding the islands and the evils that lurk below.

Designer Notes

This was by far my most enjoyable game project. I got to work with a stellar team and we all were passionate about making an awesome product. Simply put, I loved working on this project.  When the class was given an extra 24 hours to polish up our projects, I added the final boss fight.  It still has a few kinks in it, but it was a fantastic game to work on.