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Site Updated

Finally set aside some time to really rework my site into a proper e-portfolio.  It’s been a long time coming and I’ve managed to port over a lot of content from my old site and put it into a layout that works.

There are still a few personal projects that I’m working on getting uploaded to here, but most of my professional work is up and I’ll continue adding detail to them in the coming weeks.

I designed it to closely resemble the new resume I’ve put together.  My skillset has greatly expanded over the years and it definitely needed an update.  More good things to come!


New Theme Again

Hey team,

Figured it was about time to work on my own site for a change.  My day job (and some nights) consist of working on other people’s sites and tech so my own has gone neglected for a while.  I’ve kept myself plenty busy on projects large and small and I hope to start sharing them more frequently here.


New Site Incoming

I was in the process of switching servers when my old provider decided to drop my site like a week before it was supposed to go offline (lame).  So rather than cloning the updated site I’ve been working on there, I’ve had to start from scratch.  Thankfully, I backed up most of the content before hand but it’s still taking a while to actually get everything up and running.  Stay tuned for more updates!