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Unlimited Blade Works Movie Review

I should start by saying I’m a pretty big Typemoon fan. I really enjoy the artwork, the characters, and the connected universes (Carnival Phantasm always cheers me up). So when I heard they were making a movie about the second story path in Fate/Stay Night, I was immediately hooked. Combined with the fact that it then got licensed and dubbed in English made me a very happy camper. So, does my fan-boyish bias affect how good the movie actually is? Read on to find out.

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Blood C Review (ep 1-5)

For those that might not know, Blood C is the latest installment to the vampire series Blood. Previous versions included the original movie, Blood: The Last Vampire, a spinoff series (and one of my personal favorites), Blood+ and a live action version of the original movie (there are plenty of manga and novel spinoffs as well). It has been one of the better vampire themed series that I’ve found and has always had great characters and emotional intensity. The newest one comes to us from Clamp (Tsubasa Chronicles, Chobits) and just recently aired episode 5.

Should Blood fans check it out? Here are my thoughts on the series as it stands so far.

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Eureka 7 Movie Review

When Eureka 7: Good Night, Sleep Tight, Young Lovers came out in select theaters, I went on a roadtrip with my brother and my friend NickIzumi to go see it.  Needless to say, the theater was packed… with 3 other people, but it was a fun time and a fun movie.  Afterwards, Nick and I decided to do a review on the movie.

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