Game Jam – Aqua Pirates
General Information

Genre: Sidescroller

Platform: Web

Tool: Unity 3d

Project Length: 48 Hours

Role: Lead Designer

Team Size: 3

Game Features

  • Torpedo based combat


  • MSU Spartasoft Game Jam

You pilot a yellow submarine and defend yourself from the various enemies deep in the ocean such as squids and pirate subs.  Collect enough treasure and earn the high score.

Designer Notes

This game was made during a game jam over the course of 48 hours.  The team was fairly small with only two of us with any experience using Unity 3D.  We each took the opportunity to explore parts of Unity we hadn’t before.  I chose to really work with the new particle system to make some special effects that would come in handy for future projects.  We had a blast making it and it didn’t turn out too bad all things considered.