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Piggy Scramble
General Information

Genre: 3rd Person Race

Platform: Mobile

Tool: Unity 3d

Project Length: 4 Months

Role: Project Manager / Designer

Team Size: 6

Game Features

  • Breed and race piggies
  • Stat based performance
  • In depth inheritance system
  • Procedural generated race tracks


Training up pigs to race each other on a randomly generated course.  The player has to manage the pig’s diet, exercise and breeding in order to create the ultimate piggy.  The races take place between AI opponents (local market) or against other players (County Fair).

Designer Notes

This was a project I put together with several other MSU alumnus that we worked on in our free time.  We managed to make a a demo build of the race system with several AI bots.  Ultimately had to close the project as team members became too busy to contribute.