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Unlimited Blade Works Movie Review

I should start by saying I’m a pretty big Typemoon fan. I really enjoy the artwork, the characters, and the connected universes (Carnival Phantasm always cheers me up). So when I heard they were making a movie about the second story path in Fate/Stay Night, I was immediately hooked. Combined with the fact that it then got licensed and dubbed in English made me a very happy camper. So, does my fan-boyish bias affect how good the movie actually is? Read on to find out.

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Dragon Age 2 Review

A Successful Tragedy

While critics and fans of the original Dragon Age: Origins voiced many negative feelings about the sequel, I feel that the some of it is unjustified (some are still pretty legit though). I’ll point out some of the overall themes, but for the most part this will be a spoiler free review.

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