Troll Runner
General Information

Genre: Endless Runner

Platform: Web / Desktop

Tool: Unity 3d

Project Length: 9 Months

Role: Designer / Programmer

Team Size: 6

Downloadables: Windows Build

MAC Build

Game Features

  • Research Based Design
  • Crowd Sourced Content


  •  GLS 9 – Exhibitor

The online gaming world can be a hostile place, especially if you’re a girl.  While many people believe online harassment in video games is something you just have to expect and deal with, many don’t realize how different it can be for girls who wish to game alongside the boys.  We explore some of the highs and lows of the online game community in this meaningful endless runner.

Troll Runner is the Masters project of three grad students with some help from two undergrads and a fourth grad student.  The game itself went through three main designs, each with their own merits, but we ultimately chose the one that had the closest balance of gameplay and serious content.

Designer Notes

This was a tough project for myself and the other Masters students.  Not only is it a hugely, multi-faceted issue, but we were also very restricted on the time we had to implement our ideas.  We won’t pretend that the game is perfect, but we put together an experience worthy of the issue.  One of the greatest challenges was only focusing on one specific part of this issue that has roots deep down in the gaming culture.