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Bryan “Arcemise” Novak

Game Design and Meaningful Play

4965657af186b9092c7a96976ffe881c_XLDream  –  Bringing creativity and passion

I’ve always had a great love of games, knowing from an early age that I wanted to make them.  As I grew up with the industry I came to notice that they can provide so much more than just a quick thrill.  During my studies at MSU in the Serious Game Design program, I’ve explored areas of violence in games and player harassment with an emphasis in how it relates to gender.



Design  –  Constructing a clear vision

As you can see from my projects, I like to spread my creativity around and explore different ways to share stories and provide entertainment.  While my true calling is in design, I have a large background in programming as well as video editing and comic art.  Each type of project gives me new design challenges to overcome and often provides a very rewarding experience.  Always looking for a new way to share.


Develop  –  Assembling the pieces and sharing it with the world

I am currently the CTO at, where we develop new technologies and ways to use them.