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Program: Unity 3D PC Download
Client: Class Group Project – MSU TC497 Mac Download
Time: 16 weeks Design Document
Program: Unity 3D
Role: Team Manager and Lead Designer

Developed for my TC497 class, MECHA Bots is a fast paced multiplayer robot battle and customization game built for use on iOS devices.
The team is currently looking into purchasing a server to support the game once it gets sent to the Appstore.

Players control the Mechanized Expendable Customizable and Heavily Armed Bots in order to defeat opponents in 3D arenas. Whilst battling, players can obtain the parts of their opponents and later use them to customize their own bots.

The game features:

  • 6 Standard Bots
  • 12 Weapons
  • Hundreds of Bot combinations
  • 3 Battle Arenas

Designer Notes

This is another game where I found myself with a passionate team who really go the extra mile to make a fantastic game.  As a semester long project, we decided to really challenge ourselves and push for as much as we could.  Developing for both an iOS platform and the added complexity of networked multiplayer forced us to cut back in some areas, but we have put together a very fun and entertaining game.

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